R&R Commercial Surface Cleaning Is Your HOA Painting Solution

If you live in the Miami or South Florida areas, you might live in developments with homeowner’s associations, or HOAs. HOAs can be useful, since they provide a spirit of inclusivity some people find appealing. If you live in a subdivision with an HOA, though, you must adhere to the rules it sets, and that includes how you paint your house or condominium.

That’s where R&R Commercial Surface Cleaning comes in. We are one of the only entities in the Miami-South Florida region that works as HOA painting contractors. We are certified HOA painters, meaning that we’re available for paint jobs that adhere to even the strictest rules your homeowner’s association has laid out.

We offer:

  • Consultations and free estimates
  • A variety of HOA-approved paint colors and styles
  • Prompt painting services at a reasonable price

Professional and Certified HOA Painting Contractors in Miami and South Florida

Since we work closely with HOAs, we know what paint styles and colors work within their parameters. If you’re ready to paint your home’s exterior or interior, you do have some degree of creative freedom, but you still have to follow the rules your HOA has devised.

We only hire experienced painters with deep ties to the South Florida community, and we are fully insured, bonded, and licensed. We can also let you know all the paint options your HOA has approved. This way, you won’t run the risk of painting the inside or outside of your home in such a way where they’ll force you to redo it.

If you live somewhere there’s a homeowner’s association, and you’re ready for some new interior or exterior paint, contact R&R Commercial Surface Cleaning. We’ll ensure that both you and your HOA love your home’s upgrade.