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Homeowners and business owners are often faced with the dilemma of deciding whether or not they should pressure clean their gutters and roofs themselves. As this task becomes challenging and time-consuming, it is routinely delayed by owners. Pressure cleaning your gutter always leads to aesthetics being ignored, and hard to reach areas frequently missed. This result leads to unfinished and untidy work, which can lead the house to looking dirty. Hiring a professional pressure cleaning company allows you to avoid any dirt and grime build up and keep your home clean.

Professional Water Pressure Cleaning Services

It is precisely for this reason that individuals should look towards hiring pressure cleaning companies, such as our team here at R & R Commercial Surface Cleaning. We provide a variety of services to ensure that the look and feel of your overall house or building is as neat as a new pin. The water pressure cleaning services are designed to minimize any potential hazards or allergens present around your house, especially your gutter and roof. Our state of the art equipment is surface friendly, and includes soft wash roof cleaning as well as roof pressure cleaning to remove any dirt, moss, mold, lichen, algae or blockages with ease. Regular maintenance leads to minimization in restructuring and refurbishing costs.

Why is it Important to Clean your Roofs and Gutters?

 Roofs are likely to have moss, molds, lichen, algae and dirt on their shingles or tiles which can reduce the aesthetic appeal of the house. Moss can often cause moisture damage to the roof, which can lead to cracks and leakages. Gutters blocked by water, leaves, sticks or other forms of debris, can cause long-term damage to the structure of the house. This includes weakened gutters, leaked roofs, water spills on the exterior walls, seepages through windows and vents, and permanent structural damage. Furthermore, such issues can also become a breeding nest for insects or rodents in the long run. By hiring our team for any Local pressure washing services we can avoid such issues from occurring, keeping maintenance costs extensively low.

How are Roofs and Gutters Cleaned?

The residential pressure cleaning and commercial pressure cleaning services by R & R Commercial Surface Cleaning include roof, gutter and downspout surveys to ensure they are functioning properly. Once the surveys are complete, our field expert assesses the total effort and time required to get the job done. Each job uses state-of-the-art power washing equipment and biodegradable chemical detergents to ensure the environment and human safety. Soft wash roof cleaning is often the best technique to clean the roofs, so that damages to shingles or tiles can be avoided. Gutters, gutter spouts and downspouts are cleaned through temperature controlled power washing services to remove any dirt, grit or unruly blockages with ease.

Gutter Cleaning Experienced Teams

R & R Commercial Surface Cleaning provides high quality professional pressure cleaning services in Kendall. We have a dedicated team of experienced and licensed specialists who are trained to analyze and maintain the interior and exterior of your property with the best techniques. The specialists carry out tasks with extreme caution, to ensure the aesthetics of your house or office aren’t damaged in any way.

Conclusively, there are several water pressure cleaning services in Miami, though R & R Commercial Surface Cleaning is the most qualified when it comes to paying attention to detail. At our pressure washing company, we guarantee the best quality service including customer service, competitive pricing, and workmanship.

If you have any questions regarding cleaning your gutters today feel free to reach out to one of our 24/7 professionals to help you answer any questions you may have.

Our Cleaning Services

Here at R & R Commercial Surface Cleaning we guarantee to leave your residential home with a spotless look. Our state of the art equipment allows you to pressure clean the exterior of your home and increase its curb appeal.

Call us today for a free commercial pressure washing estimate. We provide the most competitive pricing for any commercial cleaning job. Give your business the fresh look it deserves!

Has your roof built up grime and dirt over the years and need a good pressure wash? Our professional pressure cleaners will leave your roof looking almost new!

Has your patio built up dirt, mold, grime? Our power washing services are designed to help remove driveway car oil and the toughest stains.

Are you planning a party or just need to clean up your patio? Just call us and let one of our pressure cleaners to the heavy lifting.


Here at R & R Commercial Surface Cleaning, we focus on providing homeowners and business owners the best pressure cleaning service in Miami, Florida. By providing competitive pricing, professional work, and customer service we have developed relationships with some of the biggest businesses in Miami!




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