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Professional Patio Cleaning Services in Miami, Florida

Having your patio and driveway cleaned to perfection requires the right resources, time and budget. Several pressure cleaning companies perform this role adequately with the right tools and teams without any difficulty. R & R Commercial Surface Cleaning is such a company in Kendall that provides exceptional professional patio cleaning services. It has experienced teams that clean your patios, and the exterior of your properties with precision and state-of-the-art equipment to prevent any damages.

Why Cleaning Your Patio Is Important in Miami

A patio is a place where your families gather for events and relaxation. As it is the most organic place outside your house, it becomes a breeding ground for various kind bacteria. This makes it essential for you to keep the outside areas of your house clean and litter free at all times. The negative effects of having an unclean patio can be vast and must be addressed at your earliest.

Unclean patios can cause the aesthetics and value of the house to decrease exponentially. As it is a breeding ground for various forms of algae, mildew, moss and mold; it isn’t good for the environment and the health of your family. A dense and unclean environment can also lead to bad odor and make the area a safe haven for pesticide infestations.

What Does the Patio Cleaning Process Involve?

For homeowners, the process of patio cleaning often involves arduous work and an average outcome. General cleaning often leaves dirt, grub, algae, mold, and moss on your patio or deck and doesn’t give the finished look it deserves. Here at R & R Commercial Surface Cleaning, we provide professional patio cleaning services that address a variety of issues such as oil stains, discoloration, dirt, algae, weeds, moss, mildew, and even lichen. We can pressure wash surfaces such as concrete, brick, wood, glass, and stone. Each is catered to exclusively to keep the surfaces as clean as possible.

To start off, we send a specialist to look at the patio to ensure the right equipment and manpower is designated to the project. Once that is determined, the patio is cleaned extensively till it looks pristine. It is then sealed and treated with the right biodegradable chemicals to prevent any moss, lichen or algae from reappearing in the long run. All chemicals used are environmentally friendly, non-hazardous and the best quality to guarantee a clean look.

How Does a Professional Patio Cleaning Company Help?

The professional patio cleaning services we offer are known to have long-lasting effects with minimal future maintenance. Once the patio is cleaned and chemically sealed, it will require very little maintenance by homeowners due to the nature of the service. As the team is qualified enough to determine the equipment to be used on each surface, the property is guaranteed to not undergo any damage, regardless of scale.

Conclusively, Here at R & R Commercial Surface Cleaning we provide exceptional and efficient patio cleaning services in Miami and guarantee friendly and qualified specialists. Our teams carry out services in the most professional manner and pay attention to detail to even the toughest and hard to reach areas. Our state-of-the-art equipment offers unparalleled services, which last a lifetime. This makes us the perfect choice for homeowners and business owners who are looking for high-skilled workers with the right attitude and the right equipment to get the job done.

Our Pressure Cleaning Services

Here at R & R Commercial Surface Cleaning we guarantee to leave your residential home with a spotless look. Our state of the art equipment allows you to pressure clean the exterior of your home and increase its curb appeal.

Call us today for a free commercial pressure washing estimate. We provide the most competitive pricing for any commercial cleaning job. Give your business the fresh look it deserves!

Has your roof built up grime and dirt over the years and need a good pressure wash? Our professional pressure cleaners will leave your roof looking almost new!

Has your patio built up dirt, mold, grime? Our power washing services are designed to help remove driveway car oil and the toughest stains.

Here at R & R Commercial Surface Cleaning we offer exterior gutter cleaning to keep your home’s gutter looking new year around. Give us a call today for a free estimate.


Here at R & R Commercial Surface Cleaning, we focus on providing homeowners and business owners the best pressure cleaning service in Miami, Florida. By providing competitive pricing, professional work, and customer service we have developed relationships with some of the biggest businesses in Miami!

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