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Commercial Pressure Cleaning Services | Exterior Building Washing

Whether you’re looking to clean your house or your commercial building, it is essential that you maintain the exterior and interior to the highest quality. The exterior of your building must complement the interior so that it reflects the true workmanship of your company. Commercial buildings are often not maintained regularly due to their large scale and the high-cost assumptions associated with commercial power washing services.

Here at R & R Commercial Surface Cleaning, we provide the best and most price competitive commercial pressure washing services in Miami. Our commercial cleaning service is the solution for any size and scale of property. Our commercial exterior cleaning services increase the overall aesthetic appeal of the building, giving it the extra edge to stand out from the rest. The overall value from keeping your property clean is significantly maintained in the process, which helps reduce renovation costs in the future.

The Importance Of Commercial Pressure Cleaning Services and Power Washing

It is important to maintain commercial properties so that future accidents, leakages, breakages, and infestation issues can be avoided. Pressure washing commercial buildings help maintain a healthy, clean and green environment and keep both toxins and allergens away from building up in dense and murky places.

Commercial buildings can vary in size and require a lot of equipment to get the job done including the use of commercial ladders. To avoid using these for small to medium-sized commercial properties, commercial power washing companies like R & R Commercial Surface Cleaning have a high-tech power washing equipment that reaches areas high, far and wide.

Commercial Exterior Cleaning Services | Surfaces That Can be Cleaned

Our commercial power washing company is equipped with commercial power washing rigs to carry out any extensive commercial pressure washing job. Whether it is a restaurant or a hotel, we have the most advanced equipment to clean your property and established a team with over 20 years of knowledge in the industry. Our commercial exterior cleaning services is designed for both maintenance and restoration for any building. They include eco-friendly chemical treatment to prevent moss, mold or algae from re-growing. The chemicals are biodegradable and the environment- and pet-friendly to avoid any environmental degradation.

The equipment used includes a high-tech commercial pressure washer, which is designed for all kinds of surfaces including cement, brick, stone, glass, and wood, etc. It removes dirt, grit, grime, oil stains, mildew, moss, and lichen from places that are hard to clean and unappealing aesthetically.

How do Commercial Pressure Washing Companies Maintain These Surfaces?

Pressure washing commercial buildings in Kendall is frequently required, and R & R Commercial Surface Company offers a wide range of services which help you maintain your commercial property for long. Maintaining these commercial spaces on your own can prove to be a tedious job and repeatedly delayed due to the extensive work required.

To keep costs minimal, our company uses techniques that sustain the commercial building in the long run and lessens the reappearance of issues such as moss, algae, lichen or mildew, etc. The specialists are trained in knowing what chemicals to use on what surfaces to ensure the life of the surface isn’t affected and aesthetics are maintained for as long as possible. The quality is high and the result is top notch due to the temperature controlled equipment and technical knowledge.

The equipment used for the restoration and maintenance in commercial building washing includes hot or cold power washing, electric washing, and jet or cart washing, which are suitable for all kinds of surfaces. Specialist equipment is used for sensitive areas such as roofs, exteriors and windows to avoid any long term damage. The process requires attention to detail, as every surface is catered to differently and cleaned with precision to avoid issues from reappearing.

Our Commercial Pressure Washer Services Cater To all Businesses

R & R Commercial Surface Company provides premium commercial power washing services to business owners with the guarantee that their commercial building or property will get the quality treatment it deserves. We cater to all kinds of commercial properties including office buildings, retail outlets, warehouses, schools, and universities.

Larger properties require more man-hours and are usually completed by more than two technicians, to ensure requirements are met. Different scales and surfaces require different knowledge and equipment to avoid damages. Because of this, it is imperative that the commercial pressure washing services are done through insured officials, who have the right know-how of surfaces and chemical usage. This is essential especially in the case of restoration and cleanups of large construction sites that can cost well over six figures.

The Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Power Washing Company?

It is important to first analyze the scale of your property and assess the right commercial power washing company that can provide the right services. Companies like us here at R & R Commercial Surface Company provide a range of commercial exterior cleaning services in Miami for residential and commercial properties. The benefits of this can be numerous, which include exceptional results for the property and its owners.

The licensed and trained specialists are experienced in carrying out power cleaning services on all kinds of surfaces, regardless of scale. The resources include state-of-the-art equipment which is top-notch and maintained to bring the same results every single time. These specialists are trained in handling high-pressure tools which can be adjusted on different surfaces, with the right chemical combinations.

Hiring a professional company saves time and resources and improves the end result by a mile. The commercial pressure washing services save the cost of having to renovate your property when it can actually be repaired or restored. It increases the value of the property monetarily and structurally. All the equipment and chemicals used are environment-friendly and are non-hazardous, making the experience safe and creditworthy.

Business owners should focus on commercial power washing services and be cautious of the effects of delaying the task. Surface areas that presume to have mild problems, grow into bigger problems in the future such as continued growth of molds and insect infestation, blockages and breakages in gutters and roofs, and the unappealing look of algae on pathways and sidewalks. 

Lastly, the look and feel of your property can have a great impact on onlookers and play a big part in the growth of your business. If you maintain a property that is not well kept, people will associate themselves to be treated in a similar manner. Therefore, these commercial power washing services in Kendall, are just what your property needs to give it the pristine look it deserves.  These services can be used for all sorts of areas including residential properties and can be used on numerous surfaces as well. The timings are flexible and can have little to no impact on the flow of your business traffic or routine.

Our Commercial Pressure Cleaning Services

Whether you may need to remove dirt and grime off of your roof, take off oil stains from your driveway, or clean your patio to give it a fresh look, we have the experienced professionals and state of the art equipment to make sure the job gets done right.

Here at R & R Commercial Surface Cleaning we guarantee to leave your residential home with a spotless look. Our state of the art equipment allows you to pressure clean the exterior of your home and increase its curb appeal.

Has your roof built up grime and dirt over the years and need a good pressure wash? Our professional pressure cleaners will leave your roof looking almost new!

Has your patio built up dirt, mold, grime? Our power washing services are designed to help remove driveway car oil and the toughest stains.

Here at R & R Commercial Surface Cleaning we offer exterior gutter cleaning to keep your home’s gutter looking new year around. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

Are you planning a party or just need to clean up your patio? Just call us and let one of our pressure cleaners to the heavy lifting.




9:00am – 6:00pm

Pressure Cleaning Blog

Since our company’s inception we have focused on providing the best information and techniques on pressure washing to help homeowners and business owners establish a solid foundation on how to keep their property looking its best. On our blog, you will find an archive of work we have completed as well as helpful tips on keeping your residential or commercial property looking its best!

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Should I seal my roof?

February 12, 2014|

Sealing you roof not only will outrange the look of your tile roof giving it a clean glossy wetlook but will keep you roof clean for 2 to 3 times as much as a roof that has not been treated. This is a simple treatment that can be done after the roof has been cleaned and will bring curb appeal and value to your property. Call us today for your free quote.

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November 25, 2013|

This weekend R&R did another 6 roof in Miami.Why are we different when it comes to clean your home. Are techs have years experience working on roofs. Are water pressure cleaning equipment is by far the best in the Industry allowing us to work faster and better than our competition. With over $40,000 of equipment at your doorstep to work on your home or property no wonder we are South Florida's best power washing company. Call us today for free estimate and see how affordable we are and see why your image is our business. Call us at water pressure cleaning Miami at 305-338-7983 or email us at

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what chemicals do you use to removal gum we have tried everything!

September 5, 2013|

Well for those porperty mangers like the meeting we had this morning in MiAmi Lakes that have this issue we can help. We only use stream to removal gun.No chemicals no scrapers and no damage to you floors.Water Pressure Cleaning Miami we have Machine and a trained staff that know how to removal gun and other tuff stains fast and as affordable as possible.As we like to say if your not using steam its not clean.Call us today for a free consultation 305-338-7983 or send us a email at Let us show you why we are the best in the business. Steam pressure cleaning


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