Useful Tips for Safe High Pressure Cleaning

By Mick Kennedy

High pressure cleaning is the best way to relieve hard surfaces of stubborn dirt and other impurities, and keep them clean. This heavy-duty method employs a pressure washer to eliminate offenders. Surfaces are rejuvenated by spraying them with solutions at high pressures from this apparatus. This method of washing is applicable for a wide variety of residential, industrial, and commercial purposes. Some examples include home washing, car cleaning, wood cleaning, gutter cleaning, cleaning parks, tennis courts and commercial attractions, and more.

High pressure cleaning is ideal for every purpose, from lighter domestic pressure washing to heavy industrial concrete cleaning. A major aspect to be considered while choosing a pressure washer is the capacity of pressure it can generate. This characteristic is determined by its PSI or Pounds per Square Inch value. For light cleaning tasks, PSI of up to 2,200 is sufficient. Hard cleaning requires 2, 200-3000 PSI. Heavy-duty industrial and commercial concrete cleaning demands PSI of up to 3500 or greater. The water flow rate measured in GPM (Gallons Per Minute) is also important.

Safety of person and property is important while implementing high pressure cleaning. Here are a few tips to ensure safe high pressure cleaning in domestic or commercial environments. Employ pressure washers appropriate for the surface you are cleaning. Using washers when concrete cleaning with lower pressures does not clean the surface. On the other hand, more pressure than necessary damages the skin of the surface impairing its structural quality. The cleaning solution is as important as the equipment itself. Use cleaners in accordance to the surface to derive best results. Usage of the right nozzle that doesn’t use excess power for spraying is recommended. Excess power spray can damage surfaces, especially those of wood. Ready the pressure washer with all its hoses in place and with water running through it. Remove furniture and other properties before commencing cleaning, to avoid damage. Stand firm and hold spray gun tight while cleaning to avoid jerks in reaction to the power spray. Do not alter the spray tip or the pattern of spray while spraying. The high-pressure water current can cut through skin. Therefore, cover your body well and use footwear that does not leave toes open. Use goggles to protect eyes from particles such as paint flakes set free by the high-power spray. Caution is paramount while cleaning in proximity of electrical sources. Do not clean standing on a ladder or other wobbly surface as this could lead to a fall or other injury in reaction to the pressure at which the water strikes the wall. A pressure washer lance or wand does tend to have substantial kick once the trigger is pulled. After use, make sure to relieve the high pressure trapped in the spray gun by squeezing the trigger, and place it in a safe direction. Proper high pressure cleaning techniques deliver maximum efficiency. It is important that you read equipment manual before commencing cleaning to ensure optimum safety. Be sure to keep children and pets away while cleaning.

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Article Source:  Useful Tips for Safe High Pressure Cleaning

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